Friday, 16 September 2011


How far we run, how far we gasp, the lust and the desire will be squandered. Trying to reach them in our dreams, these practical idols are nothing but impossible. These deities come popping up from their holes and emit charges of glittering love and happiness through their bodies and eyes. And as an old ABG as myself, these picturesque beings are giant obstacles in life. They give me agony that no other beings have ever given, they give me the hunger that no food can fulfill, and they give me envy that no king can give.

The power of these angels are so powerful it is very true that the Arabs have a word for their power, a word they call "waswas". This word is a word that symbolizes the power of something so terrible, but it blinds you of the badness and comes on to you like heavenly bells. Your body starts to doubt which choice is the right choice, and when your mind comes to play, whispers will come in to your head making everything your body say, sound innocent as the innocence of a newborn baby. By then your mind will be blank, your heart will be full of this love and you can not be stopped.
Once your senses come back and realize their powers, there are then options that you may take. The first, you will surrender your soul to it, and see no other, even the one that you are supposed to surrender it to. And the other one, which is more unlikely to be chosen, is never again get yourself in a situation of the waswas, -which I have said, is a very hard choice to do. For the waswas’ power is very strong, dear reader….. you will never be able to conquer it, alone…..

Friday, 9 September 2011

The Cry of The Shouting Worm

In this world, many types of humans live. In this world, life will continue until the final day, whether you want it or not. In this world, you will be what you will be. And this here dear readers, is just another story about a boy trying to be what he will be.

The earth is vast for the most common animal in the planet, the sea-worm. However, even though they are so common, most humans never have ever seen one in real life. No matter how hard a worm shouts, no matter how strong they squeal, everything will be in vain since they cannot produce sounds. But this one worm, though he cannot talk, by moving his body he is trying to communicate with the other animals, and tries to tell everything about this worm that is living in the sea. Even if there is just one seagull flying, a dolphin prancing, or even a human fishing, he will still do his dance about his worthless life.
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The paragraph above can describe a person, which is one of the objectives of a blog and this is just another one of those kinds of blogs. This person just like the above paragraph mentioned is a very normal person that you can see everywhere, especially if you compare him to his race. A person which was never best in sports, looks, height, weight, and even in IQ. Yes, a sea-worm, who is not even worth to be looked at. A disgusting creature that is nothing but food for the people who abuse and mock. Scars of trauma are deep enough to cause to hold back the tongue and express the feelings. But still, there is some human in this worm. If he can’t express his feelings through his tongue, he will try other methods to express his feelings, even though there is a possibility that he will be dessert for another set of bird food.